The Red and the Black (Epic Story) by Stendhal

9781911535188The Red and the Black is the Bildungsroman of Julien Sorel, the intelligent and ambitious protagonist. He comes from a poor family and fails to understand much about the ways of the world he sets out to conquer. He harbours many romantic illusions, but becomes mostly a pawn in the political machinations of the ruthless and influential people about him. The adventures of the hero satirize early 19th-century French society, especially the hypocrisy and materialism of the aristocracy and members of the Roman Catholic Church, foretelling the coming radical changes that will depose them from their leading role in French society.

Stendhal was French writer best known for the novels The Red and the Black, and The Charterhouse of Parma. He is highly regarded for the acute analysis of his characters’ psychology and considered one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism.

The Red and the Black (Epic Story) by Stendhal, ISBN: 9781911535188, Urban Romantics, 492 pp

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